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5 Reasons Your Locks Need Replacement

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When burgers and intruders intend to pay your house a visit your locks are your first and last year your only line of defense. If you feel your locks are not going to provide the defense in a burglary or break-in attempt then you need to replace them. It won’t do to leave the safety of your home t worn out and broken locks.

The replacement of your locks shouldn’t be a topic of debate, it’s the security of your home, family, and valuables that stake. Listed below are reasons security locks are ripe for replacement.

You Had a Recent Break In

Keep the burglars out

If your home has been broken into before its most likely because your locks and the security at your home was not as effective as you thought. A recent break-in will leave your locks damaged and useless. You’ll only be begging for a repeat burglary if you keep using the locks and refuse to replace them. In some rare cases where the locks were not damaged, neither was entry forced either, because it was an easy lock picking or a case of dropped or misplaced keys, you’ll have to change the locks. Whatever the case may be, as long as your home was broken into, you will need to replace your keys.

Someone Has Moved Out

Maybe a family member, a friend, an ex, or an acquaintance who shared your home with you has moved out, it is in your best interest to replace your locks as soon as possible. Yes, it’s just easy and cheaper to just get your keys from them but it’s a whole lot safer to change the locks. Who knows they may have made a duplicate without your knowledge.

The Locks Are Old

With the advancement in age comes wear and tear and the drop in quality of your locks. This makes your an easy target for burglars and thieves. Or Maybe you’ve noticed the locks getting too stiff, you should have them changed, it will be displeasing to you if you can’t get into your home even with your keys right in your hands.

You Are Just Moving In

Even if you’ve been handed the keys to your new house, there are no guarantee duplicates have not been made, duplicates you’re not receiving. The safest thing to do to ensure your home security is to replace the locks, preferably on the day you move in.

The Lock Has Sustained Some Damage

It doesn’t matter if you, a family member or a friend made a mistake and the lock sustained some damage, replace it as soon as possible. Locks work best for you if they’re at their peak condition.

Should you need your locks replaced, call Alcatraz Locksmith. We are expert in every solution pertaining to locks and Locksmithing.



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