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The safety and security of your family and employees is of the utmost importance!  Most homes and businesses are not fully secure from intruders.  Too many locks that are thought to be secure are easy prey for a would be criminal.

To insure that you home or business is properly secured, contact Alcatraz Locksmith for a complete assessment of your home or business.  With the knowledge, skill, experience, and certifications that we hold, we can provide you with many options to protect your assets.

Businesses have particular Safety and Security concerns.  Some businesses have proprietary property that should only be accessed by certain employees.  Some businesses need to allow only certain people to be allowed into certain area.  We provide solutions to these problems.  Your business may need to have a card access system allowing only certain individuals to be in certain areas.  You may need to have better lock systems on the exterior doors that are compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations.  A Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL) can help you understand all options that are available to you so that you can create a safe and secure environment for you.

Safety and Security Consulting Services

  • Exterior Door and Lock Assessment
  • Access Control Options
  • Building Code Compliance Issues
  • Security Cameras

We offer consultation for homes and businesses on their Safety and Security concerns all over the Metropolitan Phoenix area.  We will gladly come to your home or business and give you the thorough and professional evaluation of your current setup and provide you with knowledgeable options that provide you peace of mind!

Contact us for all of the Safety and Security issues for your home or business.  We can be reached in Phoenix at 602-677-5045.  You may also reach us through the Contact Us page.

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