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The Problem With Purchasing Replacement Car Keys Online

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The Problem With Purchasing Replacement Auto Keys Online

Losing our keys is something many of us have struggled with in the past. Despite our carefulness, it still happens. It’s always an unpleasant and frustrating experience, even worse is of its the keys to your car. Losing your car keys can be quite scary if you’d lost it at a public place. You never can tell who might get your car keys first.

Car keys
Car keys

Technology has come a long way that today, car keys are the programmable types featuring chips and other security qualities. However, this doesn’t make the whole losing-your-keys scenario easier.

In order to move on with life, most drivers who want to replace their lost programmable car keys troop to online marketplaces for an easy replacement. This, however, has its own demerits as explained below:

Usually not up to standard

Modern car keys come with an awesome technology that helps prevent car theft. These special-feature keys are called chip keys. Unlike the conventional keys you know that lock and start up a car, chip keys are programmable. Special programming and tech on the key allows it to communicate with the car via signals. In the absence of these signals, the car will not start. This feature is great against car theft, but replacing them if they are lost is a problem. A problem that is not easily solved by purchasing a replacement online.

Car manufacturers enforce better security of cars by ensuring each car model has a specific but narrow range of chip keys that can operate seamlessly on the car. This feature makes it quite difficult to find the acceptable chip key for your car. On the rare case you purchase one that’s supposedly the right option, you’ll discover the programming in the key doesn’t work according to standards your car requires.

Multi-function feature just won’t work

Most modern car keys come with a multi-function feature. The aim is to let you control some basic functions like the alarm and trunk. However, these controls misfire and give the wrong signals whenever they’re initiated. This is one of the problems of purchasing replacement keys online. The controls on these replacement keys are liable to misfire. It doesn’t get better as you continue to use them, they fall apart altogether and become useless.

Seller’s credibility

Anyone can be a seller in an online marketplace, as long as they have a computer and internet access, they’re good to go. This makes it particularly difficult to find a credible seller for your security needs. It’s even more difficult if you’re on a budget and want discounts on the key you want to purchase. Purchasing discounted/inexpensive keys from seller’s whose credibility is in question can turn out to be a bad purchase and most times refunds from these sellers aren’t guaranteed. Such keys are usually not durable, leaving to get another under a short time. This greatly nullifies your initial desire to save money.



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