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Phoenix Locksmith Gives Tips on How Not to Lose Car Keys

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Most people are familiar with the frustration and anger that comes with losing your keys and finding out about it too late. It is not an experience we want to happen again. Because losing your car keys could lead to a lot of problems.

It’s even worse in the morning. Starting your day playing hide and seek with your car keys can disorganize you for the rest of the day. This could hamper your morale and ability to complete your tasks for the day. It’s surely a bad way to start the day.

Your time will be wasted; you might get frustrated and angry and end up rushing to work and causing more problems for yourself.

How to Keep Your Car Keys Safe From Loss

That being said, you should learn some tips from us on how to avoid this situation occurring.  Because here in Alcatraz locksmiths, we care about you and we want you to go about your daily duties are as smooth as possible.

1. Use Key Chains

These little rings are handy for keeping your keys together in a bunch. And it is a longstanding solution for misplaced keys. But here is why we suggested it: As much as it is important to keep your keys together in a bunch, what if you lose the entire bunch? It is best to attach your keychain to something you have around you most of the time, like your wallet, your belt loop, and purse, ID or makeup kit.

2. Use a Key Tray or Hook

This is a brilliant way to ensure all your keys stay in one place, in a well-known and easily accessible location. Key trays or hook can be placed on your bedside table, on the kitchen counter or on the table next to the main door. They serve as the first place to check when you are looking for your keys. And 99% of the time, you will succeed in finding them there because you will always drop your keys there when you come home.

3. Use Electronic Gadgets

Technology has advanced to the extent that gadgets are now available to help you locate your keys when you lose them. There are those transmitters that can be attached to your keys and beep when you signal them. Then you can follow the sounds and locate your keys. It is a fast and easy way to avoid the frustration of searching manually.

4. Own a Spare Key

This article is mainly about avoiding the loss of your key but you can never be too careful when it comes to managing your time effectively. Looking for your lost keys will waste your time, it is best to move on with a spare. Maybe later, when you aren’t thinking about it, you will suddenly remember where you left them. But it is also possible that they were stolen, which takes us to the last point.

5. Call a Professional Locksmith

If you have lost your keys it is possible they were stolen and if you don’t act fast, you will put your car and home security at risk. And it may not be too long before your key won’t be the only thing missing. Call a trustworthy automobile locksmith. If you need an automobile locksmith in Phoenix AZ, the best recommendation is Alcatraz locksmith. Place a quick call now 602-677-5045.



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