Jiggler Keys: New Threat to Automobile Security

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Jiggler Keys: New Threat to Automobile Security

Home security is one of the major needs of human beings everywhere. Nobody wants to lay down at night and not be able to drift into comfortable sleep because they are scared that some unscrupulous criminal will sneak up on them and cause harm to them or steal their property. So, people place a lot of importance on beefing up their security to keep uninvited persons away from their property. That is why we are here to help you keep uninvited persons off your property and keep your life and treasures safe from harm.

But that hasnt stopped from people from working hard day and night to beat the security measures you put up to keep them away from your property. In that regard, a new burglary tool was recently invented to beat the security measures on some old automobiles and gain access to them. The tool is called jiggler keys . This tool is available to be purchased online or it can be configured from existing keys.
These keys can allow a very resilient criminal to start your ignition and drive away inside your car. Its really a new threat to automobile security .

How are Jiggler keys used to steal cars?
Basically, a jiggler keys imitates the signature of your original car keys. This is mostly effective on older vehicles. The locks in older vehicles have their tumblers worn down due to repeated entry and exit of keys. The surfaces of the tumblers, having been worn down, can easily be tricked by jiggler keys to identify the jiggler keys as the original car key. Any older vehicle is at risk to this new threat since the tumblers in their locks have been worn down and wouldnt need a transponder key to start.

How can you protect your car against this new threat?
Okay, the criminals were smart enough to device this new method of carrying out Grand Theft Auto, but unfortunately for them and fortunately for you, we have our own ways to deterring them and disappointing their efforts.
If you have a new car that requires a transponder key, you dont have to worry as far as you keep your door locked. But you can go a step further by following the tips below.
One way is to lock your steering wheel. Purchase a steering wheel lock and use them. The mere sight of a steering lock deters thieves from even attempting to steal your vehicle. Whats the point and where is the time to unlock the door and trick the ignition only to begin fighting the steering wheel lock.
Another way to defend your car is to install an ignition kill switch. You can turn this on and off when you enter and leave your car.
One other thing to add: Park your car in public places where they can be easily seen like in front of a store or at busy places with lots of traffic where a lot of eyes are on it like a busy intersection. You can also park inside a guarded garage. Avoid parking in dark places so you wont give the criminals easy cover and target.

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