Four Types of Locks You Need to Know About

Four Types of Locks You Need to Know About

A lot has been said about blacksmithing problems and their respective solutions yet so little about locks . Today we are going to look at a few of the numerous types of locks in the market and the security factors to consider which will help you decide the type of lock your home needs if you are interested in changing the locks in your home.

Knob Locks



Although these locks are not to be used for security on external doors, they are most frequently used as primary security or along with deadbolts. The problem with relying on these locks is that the locking mechanism or lock cylinder resides in the knob and can be easily compromised by determined burglars with a hammer, pliers or a wrench. If knob locks are currently being used for your house on the external doors, you should consider replacing them. Simple passage knobs are good replacements in this case. Use them along with deadbolts and they will provide adequate security.


They are the most sought after for external doors NT_840_DblCyl_US3_complete  and are basically of three types: Single Cylinders, double cylinders, and lockable thumb turn.

Single Cylinder: The easily recognizable features on this deadbolt are the tapered cylinder and rotatable thumb turn. They are however easily opened from the inside using the thumb turn.

Double Cylinder:  Unlike the single cylinder, it features two key cylinders on the outside and inside that helps it solve the problem (easily opened from the inside) the single cylinder has. In succeeding to solve that problem, however, it requires a key each time the door needs to be opened from the inside – this slows or halts escape in case of emergencies.

Lockable Thumb Turn: Being a mix of the preceding two deadbolts, the thumb turn can be left in an unlocked position if the room is occupied so that it is easily opened from the inside. The thumb turn can also be put in a locked position if the house will not be occupied for an extended period. A key will be needed to open the deadbolt from the outside or inside.

Cam Locks


Cam locks are most frequently applied in cabinets and mailboxes. The cams (otherwise called tailpieces) they feature are used to interface them with another locking mechanism. The cams are also of different types and lengths and are able to rotate in both directions of their axis at maximum angles of 90° or 180° depending on the type.


Euro Profile Cylinders


As the name partially suggests, these locks are frequently used in Europe. They are also used in other parts of the world. There are three kinds of the Euro Profile lock : single, double cylinder and single cylinder with thumbturn. These locks follow a fairly standard form of design. Although it has varying lengths of the exterior, the dimensions of other parts are quite standard. The problem with this lock is that it can be removed though with some effort owing to the fact that it is held in place by a screw that runs through the center of the cylinder. To prevent this the lock has to be properly reinforced.

Of course, there are numerous types of locks and in due time we will cover them all. For additional info, you can always contact Alcatraz Locksmith . Call us on 602-677-5045

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