4 Types of Locks You Need To Know About (2)

4 Types of Locks You Need To Know About (2)

Last week we started the talk on types of lock and the security factors to consider which will help you decide the type of lock your home needs if you are interested in changing the locks in your home. This being a continuation of what we started last week.



squire-lp9-2-5-leopard-brass-long-shackle-padlock-40mm-1_7  Featuring a U-shaped shackle, a body and a locking mechanism in the body, padlocks are one of the most easily recognized locks . You may not know this but they are the only kind that isn’t permanently attached to whatever it is it’s securing. They also come in different sizes for locking possessions as small as backpacks to objects as large as a boxcar. As long as there are two or more holes through which the shackle could go through, a padlock is the one for it. Padlocks could be


Keyed padlocks could be

  • Keyable. As their name boldly suggests, their keys could be changed from the factory default to a custom key
  • Non-re-keyable.


Combination Locks

These have dials that unlock the shackle if and only if the correct combination is imputed


Lever Handle Locks

Lever_Handle_Locks  Lever Handle Locks are the most commonly used locks for doors within a residential and commercial building. They are all opened by pushing down on the lever. They can be changed for left handed people or right handed people. They are easier to open than knob locks so that handicaps could find it easy to gain access to what’s behind the door.


Wall Mounted Locks

wall-mounted  Wall mounted Locks are easily recognized as glass lidded or steel boxes mounted on a wall. But there are more of these kinds of locks than those that look like boxes on a wall. They are mostly used to store up keys or other important possessions. They a mostly found in large business as emergency access to the establishment’s keys. Some of these wall mounted locks are installed in the wall at the time of the construction of a building but they can be installed on already existing buildings.


Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

jimmy-proof  As they are just mounted on a surface and require less minimal surface modification they are the most preferred in apartments and double doors. They feature a deadbolt, jamb bracket, surface mount lock and shutter guard. These locks are very secure since they can’t be pulled apart or forced open from the outside. This is made possible by the deadbolt which interlocks with the jamb bracket, so if entry is forced from outside, there will be little or no budge at all. If you currently have a Jimmy deadbolt installed, you need not change it replace it with any other lock except the rim cylinder to improve your security.


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