8 Reasons Why You Need to Change Locks

8 Reasons Why You Need to Change Locks

Your home security is one of the top priorities on your list of essential things in life (if it isn’t, it should be, your life depends on it). And so you sometimes go the extra mile to make sure you are in total control of the access to your property. What if I told you there are little things we forget to do that undermines our home security ? A little oversight that puts our treasures in the hands of less scrupulous personalities? For example, forgetting to change your locks.


Changing your locks is actually more important than we think it should be. Especially for those moments when you aren’t 100% sure about the person who has access to your keys. I will give you 8 reasons why your locks should be changed.

  1. Moving to a new house: You’ve just moved into a new neighbourhood, it is very important not to settle in quietly and depend on the old locks. You don’t know who the last occupants gave access to the keys to. For you to be very certain of your security, you should change all the locks. You don’t want to come back home after a night out and find your house cleaned out by a bad neighbour who had the keys to your house.
  2. Break-ins: Supposing there was a successful break-in, you need to change your locks. If the burglar succeeded the first time on the same kind of locks, there’s no doubt another burglar will do it again. Only easier this time.
  3. Change of roommate or tenant: If your old roommate or tenant has left, you should change your locks. You can’t be too sure the key they handed over to you is all.the copies they have. Change your locks and be sure you still have full control over the access to your property.
  4. Divorce: Divorce is a very emotionally unsettling thing to happen to a couple. And it is true divorce changes people. The person you once loved may mean to cause you harm because they feel hurt. Change your locks if your ex has moved out. Its a way to ensure your house is totally under your control. So you can sleep with both eyes closed and not smothered in the middle of the night by a scorned ex-lover.
  5. Worn out locks: Locks don’t last forever and their strength isn’t infinite. What a lock is now is quite different from what it was when it was new. It’s important to change your locks once in a while so as not to undermine your home security .
  6. Loss of key: If you lose your key, it may be found by a person who sees negative possibilities. And possibly, more copies made and distributed to other people who see negative possibilities. Change your locks and disappoint them when they come in the middle of the night, trying to steal your home theatre.
  7. House remodelling: During house remodelling, you gave your keys to.the contractor who also passed them to their employees. And you cannot vouch for the personalities of those employees. So it’s best to keep your home security at top level by changing your locks.
  8. Change of employees: If you had housemaids, gardeners and security men who had access to your keys and are no longer working for you, you should change your locks.

The whole point of home security is to keep your property safe. This can be achieved by making sure access is in the hands you trust: your hands. When you need a locksmith to give you the best service in changing locks, rekeying and duplicating keys in Glendale, Scottsdale and Phoenix , call Alcatraz locksmiths . If you need a car key locksmith , we’ve got your back. Lock and key drop off location:

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